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Jeanne is looking for a dance entirely based on listening to the internal / external world and improvisation.


As a director  from the company Vulpès  and that dance-theater teacher  (titular young ballet teacher from San Boi, Spain) she develops different listening techniques  in-situ mixing theater, dance, plastic art and improvisation.  


After having rubbed shoulders with the rigor of classical dance schools, the freedom of Cirque Plume, the streets  Avignon, the  Spanish companies and the San Francisco Theater, it seeks to provide an opportunity to explore by and for the student.










The choreographies are rarely fixed. The dance, previously drawn,  is free to be interpreted personally.

Although the score is worked on upstream,   chance and encounters are  essential.


A search for the internal, for meaning  and words. Gestures, voice, images, drawing which gives performers or future performers the possibility of creating.


Jeanne has been teaching for several years in Barcelona, Geneva and in various French cities.


It offers workshops of one or more days adapted to interpreters  professionals or amateurs, able-bodied or disabled.





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