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"A quick waltz, in a living room lit by a thousand candles, throws into young hearts an intoxication that eclipses shyness, increases awareness of strength and finally gives them the audacity to love."

Stendhal -  Of love.


Mix dance, writing and painting to talk about people, to (re) discover heritage, to go on a trip.

Xenophon said: "(Dance is not) foreign to painting and plastic; human acts sometimes concern the body, sometimes the intelligence, while Dance occupies both"  

The dance is there to translate, instantly. It is the mirror of the soul, the one who probes and gives to see. It is a sensitive translation of the tangible world. The body is a motor, it opens the way to travel, to the possible. Plastic art then arrives to leave an imprint, to bear witness, to  perpetuate.  

Jeanne Morel creates various dance, video, plastic arts and correspondence projects. It supports the inhabitants if the order is that of a city or a community, the patients  if it is a health establishment, residents in the case of an EHPAD. She creates with them a story, a fable, a fiction in the grip of reality, produces a video work, sets up various remote or face-to-face workshops and then creates with the Compagnie Vulpes Vulpes, several representations in emblematic and unusual places.

Jeanne Morel also joins forces with ART IN SPACE to create digital platforms adapted to cities and establishments in order to create a space for discussion and, very often, support.

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