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The beauty of the future

Squirrel foundation 

Savings bank for contemporary art

Exhibition planned for September 2016


In early September 2016, in Toulouse, Jeanne Morel and Paul Marlier exhibit at the Squirrel Foundation   / Corporate foundation for contemporary art. 

Like an era in the making, between dream and dystopia, La Beauté Du Futur offers a journey through the body and time, between generative dance and human testimony.

ABYSSE / prologue


Art gallery and cultural center

From May 19 to June 20, 2016



In May and June 2016, in an old chapel in the heart of the Beaubourg district, Jeanne Morel and Paul Marlier exhibit their photographs, drawings, research, costumes and generative works. 

With an Opera performance at the opening of the exhibition and works created in collaboration with Aina Vela, Erick Plaza Cochet, Frederic Miel and the videographers of the production company Nieve in Barcelona.


FLAQ Gallery, 36 rue Quincampoix.

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