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EARTH 2020

Why dance in extreme territories?

Why go to create there?

I dance to belong to the world.
To open the breach, just a second.

I dance to weave breadcrumbs
Threads so strong that they give me points of reference

on which to lean so as not to fall
Threads so strong that they make me explore the world

I dance like we walk on the sand
As we stain the autumn leaves
I dance to register a gesture, a moment,

on the snow of time

Jeanne Morel et Paul Marlier.png

Realization and images:  Paul Marlier

Dance, text and voice:  Jeanne  Morel

Images of the Earth:  NASA 

“We left alone in majestic territories, almost temples, shrines which inspire universal respect and send us back to our little place as human beings. We walked on them with great care, a lot of emotion. For months we have  try  to perceive, through dance, the magic of Space. Our journeys are initiatory, we work with the strict minimum, with these immense spaces and the few beings who cross them. ”


ART IN SPACE manifesto - Jeanne Morel & Paul Marlier

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