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Jeanne Morel performer Paris
Jeanne Morel performer danseuse comédien
Jeanne comédienne danseuse
Abysse_Jeanne_Morel_Paul Marlier_Nieve_HD_FRAMES_RETOUCH-14

Between Gods and Devils

My body,  look for it, transform it, sometimes deform it, always find it

Only be aware of yourself in the moment 

To be only what surrounds me 

Be what surrounds

To be  

Being a sphynx of the present 

Use only the existing  


Understand the rest as truth 

Bring it to life

To live with

Give what is emerging 

Transform it 

Translate it 


Thoughts will have to be nimble

The movement is innate

He is what they say

It is necessary  

The dance performance is distinguished from the choreography in that it has the eternal 

It is ephemeral 

Short and essential

She is body and soul

To dance is to sign the moment.

Manifesto - Vulpès Vulpès - The dance from within -

Jeanne Morel  

Jeanne Morel has been practicing the art of performance since 2010.

She regularly joins forces with body artist Aina Vela and new media artist Paul Marlier (with whom she founded Vulpès Vulpès in 2015) to create plural and immersive works. 

Between trance and minimalism, Jeanne seeks to experiment and show another form of living. 

His performances are mostly adaptable to the stage, galleries, foundations, the street but also atypical places steeped in history.  

Vulpes Vulpes

Vulpès Vulpès works with living, physical and digital arts in the quest for a new form of performance where each human and plastic element would generate the work.

Jeanne Morel and Paul Marlier, artistic directors and main performers of Vulpes Vulpes  are constantly looking for a bridge between nature  and  body  increase

-  Between man  and machine  - Between primitive era and future world -


How can dance generate sound, light or even form?

How is it possible to create the object  whether scenic or plastic based on human feelings  ?

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Abysse_Jeanne_Morel_Paul Marlier_Nieve_HD_FRAMES_RETOUCH-49
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