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ABYSSE is a Performance Opera in three acts created for 11 performers dancers, polyphonic singers, musicians, actors and circus artists.

ABYSS is a legend, a journey, a dive into an extra-terrestrial world where our way of life is constantly questioned.  

ABYSS is also an immersive digital and generative work where mapping, interactive scenography and light design dress the space. 

Performers and new media artists take possession of an atypical place - preferably in relation to the marine world: Art Foundation near a water point, maritime museums, gardens, lighthouses, boats, chapels, underground. ..- and offer a theatrical work of a new kind in which the spectator is in constant immersion.

Each corner of the space is inhabited and evolves autonomously and meetings are created in the privacy.


ARTISTIC DIRECTION Jeanne Morel and Paul Marlier







With (in order of appearance)

Antoine Beurey, Maud Fumey, Ashley Beckett, Julien Marie-Anne, Axel Ducret, Alou Kyrra, Katia Benbelkhacem, Charlotte Bouillot, Brice Lagenèbre and Jeanne Morel

PARTNERS: FLAQ Paris, NIEVE production, Ecole Bleue, Fraise Au Loup costumes, SLA, Stickart Studio

So that  ABYSS  either played within your Museum, your Foundation, your Gallery, your Festival or during a specific event related to the underwater environment:

Please contact 

ABYSSE is a creation of VULPES VULPES - Jeanne Morel & Paul Marlier / all rights reserved



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